7 Jamaican Cerasee Tea Benefits That May Surprise You

Cerasee tea benefits range from powering weightloss, managing diabetes, and lowering blood pressure, to purifying the blood, and treating skin-related health issues.

What is Cerasee tea? Cerasee tea is an extremely bitter tasting herbal tea that is used as a natural home remedy across the Caribbean.

West Indians use the fresh or dried cerasee leaves and vines of the cerasee plant to make cerasee tea.

dried bitter melon for making cerasee tea
Dried Jamaican Cerasee Vine

Cerasee Tea Benefits

So what does drinking cerasee tea do for the body? Let’s look at seven benefits of cerasee tea.

1. Cerasee Tea For Diabetes

Early indications are that cerasee tea is it may help with insulin resistance to maintain healthy glucose levels.

In one study, extracts from Cerasee leaves were used in both animal and human to test cerasee leaf effects on blood glucose levels. Reports states cerasee tea lowered blood sugar levels.

2. Jamaican Searcy Tea for Focus

Jamaican Cerasee tea has a signifcant amount of vitamin B6 which is critical for proper brain function. Because cerasee tea has a significant amout of Vitamin B6, drinking the tea may boost brain alertness and focus.

3. Good for High Blood Pressure

Is cerasee tea good for blood pressure? Cerasee tea is a potassium rich food and Potassium helps blood pressure by getting rid of excess sodium from the body. The right balance of sodium in the body is important for mainitaining healthy blood pressure.

4. Cerasee Benefits for The Eyes

Vitamin A helps protect the eyes from blindness, as well as other vision problems that come with aging. One benefit of Cerasee tea is that it naturally has Vitamin A which may help with protecting your vision.

5. Cerasee Tea Benefits for Weightloss

Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) turn the foods we eat into usable fuel for our bodies and revs up the metabolism. Because Cerasee tea is rich in Riboflavin, adding cerasee tea to your diet may supercharge your metabolism to promote weightloss.

6. Cerasee Benefits for the Skin

Clinical studies confirm a connection between collagen and Vitamin C. They suggest that Vitamin C benefits the skin by increasing collagen production. So, one of the benefits of cerasee tea may be fresher, healthier looking skin.

7. Jamaican Cerasee for Osteoporosis

Phosphorus helps with the growth, and maintenance of tissues and cells. The compound balances how much Calcium stays in the body and how much gets excreted. Calcium and Phosperous in cerasee tea may help maintain proper bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

Jamaican Cerasee Plant Benefits

Benefits of Cerasee tea come from the nutrients in the cerasee plant. These cerasee benefits include Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and various vitamins.

Cerasee Leaves Beneficial CompoundsNutrition Facts
CalciumAid proper heart, muscle and nerve function. Build strong bones. 84mg
IronPromotes the production of red blood cells. Also helps carry oxygen to organs in the body.2.04mg
MagnesiumContributes to stress reduction, aid restful sleep, and supports healthy heart rhythm.85mg
PhospherousHelps growth and development by serving as a building block for genes.99mg
Potassium Assists other minerals in supporting bone health. This reduces the risk of developing weak, brittle bones.608mg
SodiumSupplies the small amount of sodium the body needs for mormal muscle contraction and relaxation.11mg
ZincZinc in cerasse tea plays a vital role in wound healing,boosting the immune system, and proper metabolism function.0.3mg
Source: USFDA

Cerasee Bush Tea Recipe

Here’s how to make Jamaican cerasse:

  • Place a handful of cerasee in a saucepan.
  • Add 2 cups of water.
  • Boil for between 7 and 10 minutes. 
  • Remove from flames, let the tea cool.
  • Sweeten to taste and enjoy the benefits of Cerasee tea.

Note: Keep in mind that the if you booil the tea longer, you will end up with a bitter brew. Cerasee tea in Jamaica is sweetened with brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk, or honey to balance the bitter taste.

Cerasee Tea Side Effects

Although the tea some great benefits, there are some cerasee tea side effects as well.

  • Some diabetic patients who use Cerasee as alternative treatment report having abdominal pain. diarrhea and hypoglycemia.
  • Another Cerasee tea side effect is cerasee use has been linked infertility, premature labor and abortions. So, pregrant women may want to avoid cerasee.
  • So how often should you be drinking Cerasee tea? It may be wise avoid drinking Cerasee tea more than once a day over a 14-day period.

It’s important to pay close attention for any adverse interaction mediciations you take and have a conversation with your doctor.

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Where to Buy Cerasee Tea

Where can you buy Cersaee. Cerasee tea is available as dried loose leaf tea and cerasee teabags in stores such Walmart and other neighborhood grocery stores and farmers market.

You can also buy Organic Jamaican cerasee shipped directly from Jamaican online from Amazon. Etsy, and Ebay.

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