5 Outstanding Jamaican Chaney Root Benefits

What is Chaney root? Chaney Root is the root of an endemic Jamaican plant. This plant’s botanical name is Smilax balbisiana.

Chaney root belongs to a group of flowering plants called Smilax. Smilax plants are widely used in traditional medicine.

Smilax balbisiana is a thick, flowering vine that wraps itself around other plants. It has heart shaped leaves and produces dark red berries. 

Chaney root  grows wild in the mountains of Jamaica Cockpit country. But it is also found in other wooded areas of the Island.

Jamaican Chaney root pieces
Chaney Root Pieces

Although Chaney root plant is native to Jamaica, it grows on other Caribbean islands and in Central and South America as well.

Chaney Root Other Names

Some other names for Jamaican Chaney root are Chaney vine, God bush, and Chaney wider.

Jamaicans have been using Chaney root herb as medicine since the eighteen hundreds.  However, it is the root of of the plant that is used.

In this article we will take a closer look at Jamaican Chaney root uses and benefits.

Jamaican Chaney Root Uses

With Chaney root, it is the underground creeping rootstalk that is used. 

Farmers dig up the rootstalk and wash them thoroughly. Then they cut the stalk into small pieces and sun dry them. 

The most popular way to use Chaney root is to boil the root with other ingredients to make root tonic. 

Chaney root tea is used as a Jamaican home remedy for treating anemia, diabetes. The tonic is supposed to enhance sex drive in men.

Jamaican Chaney root tea is known as one of the earliest cures for syphilis.

More recently Chaney root powder which is made from the dried root is available for sale online.

This makes it a lot easier to get the benefits of Chaney root because the powder can be added to shakes and smoothies.

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Chaney Root Benefits

Recently an animal study was done to confirm Smilax balbisiana hyperglycemic activities. The report found that the plant contain compounds that contribute to its being able to manage diabetes.

Other benefits of Chaney root include:

1. Treat Anemia

Helping Treat Anemia. Chaney root has a high iron content. This makes it a good natural remedy for treating anemia. Being iron deficient can cause fatigue, weakness and brain fog. 

Caney root tea may be used to supplement Iron intake and help treat anemia.

2. Increase Urine Output

Diuretics are agents that increase the frequency and volume of urination. They are used to flush excess sodium from the body. This helps to lower blood pressure. 

Smilax plants  have been used as a Jamaican traditional medicine for lowering blood pressure in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

3. Enhance Testosterone Production

 Researchers discovered that Chaney root has testostoregenic properties. Therefore, Chaney root herb may naturally increase the production of testosterone. 

Low testosterone may cause fatigue, weakness, reduced bone and muscle mass, and decreased sex drive. Chaney root tea may help alleviate these problems.

4. Improve Skin Appearance

Chaney has a significant amount of Vitamin A. The body uses Vitamin A to help preserve good vision, boost the immune system and improve skin appearance. 

Because of the amount of Vitamin A it has, one important Chaney root benefit is prevention of premature aging of skin cells. This translates into younger looking skin.

5. Increase Energy

Members of the Vitamin B group of vitamins were also identified on Smilax balbisiana. B vitamins are important for proper brain function.

And they help to maintain a healthy Central Nervous System. And so consuming Chaney root may help boost energy levels.

Benefits of Chaney Root Tea

Like all other species of smilax plants, smilax balbisiana is in Vitamins A  and C and Vitamin, B Complex along with seven important trace minerals found in the Chaney root.

MineralsWhat They Do For You
ZincBoosts the circulation of blood throughout the body.
SulphurHelps improve skin conditions like acne and seborrheic dermatitis.
CopperContributes to the body’s ability to absorb Iron.
IodineEnables proper thyroid function.
Sodium Helps prevent muscle cramps.
SiliconeStrengthens bones and boost the body’s immune system.

Chaney root herb is marketed online in the form of supplements and tinctures. High quality, organic Chaney root powder can be purchased here

These are some benefits you may get from drinking Chaney root tea:

Chaney Root Side Effects

There is no data to indicate that Chaney root does not pose any safety risk. However, pregnant women may want to exercise caution when using the root and related products.

It is always wise to talk with your doctor before starting any herbal regimen.


Chaney root is the Jamaican local name for the Smilax Balbisiana plant which is native to Jamaica.

Unlike other smilax species, it is the underground creeping roots of the Chaney root plant that is used as traditional medicine.

There is no scientific data to support the claim that Chaney root is an aphrodisiac.

However, evidence does show that active compounds in the Chaney root herb may contribute to enhancing male fertility and diabetes management.

Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only. Nothing stated on the site should be viewed as medical advice. Please talk to a professional healthcare provider about matters relating to medical treatment.

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