Cold Pressing: What Does It Mean?

Cold pressing literally means “to extract without applying heat from an external source.”

So the cold pressing process involves applying pressure minus heat to extract the liquid from fruits or vegetables.

Cold pressing is not a new extraction method. In fact Norman W. Walker (1886- 1985) pioneered pressed vegetable juicing in the early 30’s.

He believed this method preserved the nutrients. therefore is was a more healthy of juicing.

Mr. Walker even went as far as designing his own hydraulic press juicer “the Norwalk.”

How Cold Pressing Works

With the cold pressing method fruits and vegetables are placed inside of the press juicing machine.

Hydraulic pressure is applied to gently press the products. The juice is slowly squeezed out during the process.

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The cold press method is a much longer process because the juice slowly drips into a container. This method also results in a smaller volume of juice being produced.

Cold Pressed vs. Conventional Juicing

The conventional method of making juices is referred to as centrifugal. Fruits and vegetables are placed in and machines that chop them. Then the juice is then extracted.

Centrifugal machines are equipped with steel blades. When fruits and vegetables are placed in juicing machines, the blades exert friction to extract the juice.

However, during the extraction process, these steel blades heat up. This results in oxidization.

So what’s the problem?

When the inner sections of some fruits or vegetables are exposed to hear and air their color becomes brown. That’s the result of oxidization.

The longer the foods remain exposed, the more they lose nutrients such as Vitamins A and C.

In addition, the foods are only exposed to air for a short period of time, so there is less break down of their nutrients.

Pasteurized Juices

Store bought juices are made using the centrifugal method. But in addition they undergo pasteurization.

What this means is that during extraction, juices are exposed to extreme heat to quickly kill bacteria. Pasteurization is done to give juices a longer shelf life.

However, pasteurization is believed to kill some of the juices organic nutrients as well.

Cold Pressing Meaning In 2022

Although the press juicing method has been around for such a long time, it started gaining popularity in the 21st century.

The cold press juicing industry stands at a whopping US1.05 billion. And it is projected to grow at a rate of 6.1 percent between now and 2025.

The cold press trend is being fueled by “health conscious” consumers.

Pressed juices advocates believe the cold pressed juicing method is a more healthy choice than the traditional centrifugal processed juices.

Are Cold Press Juices Healthier?

This is a claim made by many advocates of pressed juicing. The main argument is that because the juice press method does not use heat, the food’s nutrients are retained.

On the face of it, this sound like a valid argument. That’s because some studies have shown that when some nutrients are exposed to heat, they deteriorate.

In addition:

  • There is no need for sugar or other sweeteners to be added
  • They are served fresh so there is no need for preservatives
  • A variety of fruits and/or vegetables can be used to provide more nutrients
  • pressed juices are easy to make at home

However One Harvard health report paints a different picture.

The Downsides to Pressed Juices

The repost states among other thing that pressed juices they tend to have a higher glycemic index than a whole fruit.

Other studies have found that many people who drink pressed juices add them to their regular diets. This means they end up taking in extra calories.

In addition, fruits and vegetables alone do not supply all of the nutrients our bodies need. 

One example is protein. Only a small amount if any protein is found in most fruits and vegetables. But our bodies need an adequate amount of protein to function properly.

And then there is the question of the discarded pulp. Our bodies also needs fiber. Fiber makes us feel full when we eat.

That needed fiber is found in the pulp of pressed fruits and vegetables.

So when we discard the pulp we also throw away that needed fiber. Therefore, we may end up eating more in order to feel full.

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But does that mean cold pressing is all bad? Absolutely not. It depends on you personal lifestyle and how you use pressed juices.

  • For one thing, they do have the benefits of being purer and fresher.
  • They retain their flavor and color.
  • They are easy to make so you can get a quick boost of energy.
  • You have the option to choose any combination of ingredients that suit your taste. 
  • Pressed juice bars are conveniently located in many cities.

However the caution is that cold pressed juices should not be relied on to supply you with  all the nourishment your body needs.

They should definitely be used in concert with complete healthy meals.

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