5 Benefits of Jack In The Bush Plant (Chromolaena odorata)

Jack in the bush is considered an environmental nightmare. That’s because of the plants invasive nature. In fact, in Australia they label the Jack in the bush plant “a major pest.”

Yet, researchers confirm that the plant is not just a nuisance. Jack in the bush also has medicinal uses and benefits.

But what is Jack in the bush good for? And how can you unlock its benefits? You will get the answers to these questions in this article. So continue reading.

naturally growing jack in the bush
Jamaican Jack In the Bush

These are five health benefits researchers suggest Jack in the bush plant may provide:

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Jack In The Bush Benefits

Pharmacological investigations of Chromolaena odorata confirm the plant’s health benefits.  These are five possible health benefits of Jack in the bush:

Plant CompoundsHealth Benefits
Beta pineneBeta pinene which is a constituent of Jack in a bush essential oils is widely used to improve mood.

The chemical is often combined with linalool and is as traditional medicine to improve mood and treat depression.
GermacreneGermacrene is another useful compound extracted from the leaves of the Jack in the bush plant.

Germacrene is proven help reduce anxiety. it is also believed that Germacrene can also have a positive effect on blood pressure.
AntibacterialAntibacterial compounds destroy or hinder the growth and spread of bacteria.

Studies found bacteria fighting properties in the leaves of Jack in the bush plant.
Anti-inflammatoryAnti-inflammatory properties found in Jack in a bush may also help relieve joint pain that is the result of inflammation.
CytotoxicCytotoxic agents are toxic to cancer cells so they prevent them from multiplying and spreading.

Researchers indentified cytotoxic properties in Jack in the bush plant which may make it useful for fighting some cancers.

Jack In the Bush Scientific Name

What is Jack In the bush? Chromolaena odorata is the scientific name of the plant that is callled Jack in a bush. Eupatorium odoratum is also an accepted botanical name for this plant.

This plant is member of the Asteraceae plant family.  Asteraceae Plants are popular in many tropical and subtropical locations. And many species of Asteraceae plants are used as medicine across the Caribbean.

Jamaican Jack in the Bush Plant

Other common names for the plant are devil’s weed, siam weed, bitter bush, and christmas bush.

In Jamaica, you may hear it called other name variations such as Jack ina bush or Jack’na bush.  

How to Make Jackna Bush Tea

Making tea is an easy way to get the health benefits of Jack in a bush. Just follow the instructions below

If you plan on using the decoction on the skin, let it sit until the liquid reaches room temperature before applying it to the skin.

Here’s what you need.

  • Five or six fresh leaves or 2 tablespoons of dried ones.
  • Two cups of tap water in a small pot.
  • Place the leaves into the water.
  • boil for 10 minutes. (the amout should be reduced to one cup.
  • Let sit until cool.
  • Strain, sweeten and serve.
Freshly brewed jan in the bush tea
Jamaican Jack ina Bush Tea

Jack In the Bush Tea Benefits

What Is Jack In a Bush tea Good For? This herbal tea is not one of the most popular Jamaican bush teas, but it has a long history as a Jamaican home remedy.

Jamaican Jackna bush tea is used for reducing fevers, alleviating flu related aches and pains, suppressing coughs, soothing sore throats, and managing diabetes.

A decoction made with the Jack ina bush flowers and leaves is also used to clean wounds, burns, open sores, and eczema.


Jack in the Bush is one common name for the Chromolaena Odorata plant.This plant is native to tropical and sub tropical areas.

The plant is viewed as a destructive weed in many locations. However, research shows that its constituents can provide some amazing benefits.

The easiest way to access the benefits of Jack na bush is to make and drink the herbal tea that is made from sections of the plant.

The liquid can also be used topically to alleviate paid related to skin infectons, wounds and burns.

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