Jamaican Dogwood: How to Unlock Its Benefits

From as early as 1844 scientists in the Western world found that the Jamaican Dogwood plant is a useful medicinal herb.

Treatment with Jamaica dogwood was usually by drinking tea made from the root or bark of the plant.

It was common to drink dogwood tea to relievie migraines, nerve pain, and anxiety.

The tea was also taken for problems sleeping, toothaches and bronchitis, to name a few.

Today many Caribbean natives still drink Jamaican dogwood tea for those same reasons.

Jamaican dogwood tree leaves
Jamaica Dogwood Leaves

But what is Jamaica dogwood? And does it really have medicinal value? Read on.

What Is Jamaica Dogwood?

The name of the Jamaican herb known as Jamaica dogwood is Piscidia erythrina. The plant is is a tropical tree that is endemic to the wider Caribbean region. 

 However, Jamaica dogwood grows Mexico, Florida and parts of Texas in the United States.

Jamaican dogwood trees are fast growing plants that can reach up to 49 feet tall. The trees have thin grey bark with dark scales.

Two other common names for Jamaican dogwood are Florida fishpoison tree or fishfuddle. 

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Benefits of Jamaican Dogwood

What are the benefits of Jamaican dogwood; What is it good for?

Jamaica Dogwood belongs to a genus of plants (erythrina) that is widely studied because of the alkoloids they contain.

Research show that these alkaloids have anticonvulsant, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), and cytotoxic (able to kills cells) behavior.

Recent animal studies have confimed that the plant has inti-inflammatory, sedative, and antspasmodic power as well.

Therefore, Jamaican dogwood may be useful in treating disease such as, anxiety and depression, some cancers, arthritis, and seizures.

Jamaica Dogwood Tea

For centuries Jamaican dogwood tea has been used to treat sickness.

Some traditions uses for Jamaican dogwood tea are: supressing coughs, reducing tesnion and nervousness, helping difficulty sleeping, relieving muscle spasms, and easing inflammation related pain.

  • To make the tea simply boil a teaspoon of crushed dogwood tree bark or root pieces in two cups of water for approximately 10 minutes.
  • At this time the liquid should be reduced to one cupt. Strain, sweeten to taste. and consume.

Jamaica dogwood tincture and power are much easier to use. These are commercially available online.

Dogwood tea should preferably be used at night time because it will cause drowsiness.

Jamaica Dogwood And Pain

Some recent studies confirm that Jamaican dogwood may help pain due to some active compounds in the plant.

For example, Jamaican dogwood has alkaloids with anti-inflamatory prorperties. These reduce inflamation around the joints. This reduction in joint inflamation helps relieve arthritis and rhumatic pain.

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Jamaica Dogwood For Sleep

The plant has long been recognized for its sedative properties. It is one of the Jamaican herbal remedies for sleep that have been used for centuries.

How does dogwood tea help with insomnia? Bioactive chemicals that block signal from going to the brain. This cause the brain to relax so you can enjoy deep sleep.

And several studies confirm that the bark and roots extracts of the Jamaica dogwood tree may help you with trouble sleeping.

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Jamaican Dogwood Safety

The Piscidia erythrina plant is highly toxic. And so using it can pose serious health risks. That is why the plant is not recommended for medicinal uses in humans. 

An overdose of Jamaica dogwood can cause: Numbness, Tremors, Sweating, Anxiety and Sedation.

  • However, if you choose to use Jamaica dogwood products, you should be closely monitored by a qualified medical professional.
  • If you experience any of the above symptoms or any other sypmtoms after using a Jamaican doogwood product seek medical help immediately.
  • Products made from Jamaica dogwood should definitely not be given to children.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should NOT use products that contain extracts of from Jamaica dogwood.


If you decide to use Jamaican dogwood products, be sure it is done under the close supervision your doctor.

TJamaican dogwood is one of the herbal medicines that may interact with prescription or non-prescription medications. So definitely talk to your doctor before using this herb.

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Buy Jamaica Dogwood

Where can you buy Jamaica Dogwood Products? Piscidia erythrina products can be purchased from online marketplaces such as Amazon.

They come in the form of Jamaica dogwood supplements, capsules, tincture, root and bark cut into small pieces.

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