7 Proven Leaf of Life Plant (Miracle Leaves) Benefits

Leaf of Life plant is a succulent perennial herb that is native to Madagascar where it is grown as a houseplant.

However, in many locations across the globe, Leaf of life is highly regarded as a medicinal plant because of its many potentlial health benefits.

So let’s look a bit closer at some medicinal Leaf of life benefits. We’ll also look at some side effects of over-consuming leaf of life.

Jamaican Leaf of Life Plant
Jamaican Leaf of Life Plant

Several sutdies confirm that flavonoids and bufadienolides, which are compounds in Leaf of Life, are responsible for the miracle leaves plant health benefits.

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Leaf of Life Plant Benefits

So, what is Leaf of Life good for? Research suggest that Leaf of life plant may offer the following benefits:

1. Soothe Coughs

  • In one animal study test antiasthmatic properties of Leaves of Life, subjects were treated for 21 straight days with leaf of life extracts. They were also exposed to histamin aersol in a glass chamber. Bouts of cough were counted before and after exposure of the extract treatment. Results showed the leaf of life plant treatment signigicantly reduced the bouts of coughing in the animals.

2. Improve Sleep Quality

  • One experiment involved pregnant women who suffered from poor sleep quality, daily sleepiness and fatigue. They were treated with chewable Kalanchoe tablets. Assessment at the end of the experiement revealed the subjects experienced better quality of sleep and decreased tiredness during daytime hours.

3. Relieve Overactive Bladder

  • In one stuy 49 women who suffered from Idiopathic Over Active Bladder were prescribed Bryophyllum Pinnatum chewable tablets for 3 weeks.  After treament, results showed that the women had less need to void at night and this signaficantly improved the quality of their sleep.

4. Prevent Premature Births

  • Since the 1970s Leaves of Life has been used in Switzerland to prevent premature labor in pregnant women. Research shows that Bryophyllum Pinnatum (Leaves of Lifei) juice prevented uterine contractions.
Source Pubmed

5. Promote Wound Healing

  • Leaf of life has been used traditional mediciine for healing skin wounds. In another animal experiement, a Leaf of life gel extract was applied to the skin of animals that had skin wounds. Results showed the gel application decreased the size of the wound and lessened inflammation of the surrounding area. So confiming Leaf of life plant would healing properties.

6. Expel Kidney Stones

  • In one study Researchers induced Renal calculi into wister rats using drinking water and standard drugs for 28 days. Then the animals were given Leaf of Life Extracts. The results proved that Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves showed preventive effect against the formation of kidney stones.

7. Manage Diabetes

  • An experiemental study was done to determine the antidiabetic properties of the Leaf of life plant. The test subjects were induced with diabetes. They were then treated with Leaf of life plant extracts. The results confirmed the hypoglycaemic properties of Leaf of life.

How to Use Leaf of Life

How do you use Life leaf? The plant can be eaten raw or used to make juice. It is also used to make herbal tea or as a poultice that is applied to cuts and woulds on the skin.

ProblemsLeaf of Life Plant Uses
For the SkinLeaves and stems are singed, crushed and/or pureed and made into a poultice. The poultice applied to the skin to soothe burns, insect bites, skin ulcers and bruises.
For abdominal painLeaves of Life (fresh or dried) are steeped in hot water for between 7 and t0 minutes. The beverage is strained, sweetened and consumed warm for pain relief and other complaints.
For CoughThe fresh leaves and stems are pounded into a paste. (Of course it is a lot easier to use a food processor if you have one}. The juice is squeezed out and sweetened with honey to suppress coughs.

Leaf of Life Plant Side Effects

In addition to its benefits there are some sde effects of Leaf of Life. So what are some side effects of Leaf of life. Here is what real some users reported:

  • Research shows that using the plant long term may result in suppressing the immune system.
  • Life plant has anti-clotting properties. Therefore, people who use anticoagulant medications (blood thinners) should avoid using Leaf of life because it may interfere with their medication
  • Leaf of life is known to lower blood sugar levels. So if you take medication to manage your diabetes you should watch out for possible drug interaction.
  • Some people reported experiencing nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, and diarrhea after consuming the leaf of life plant.

What Is Leaf of Life Plant?

The Leaf of life plant botanical name is Kalanchoe pinnata. It is a member of the Kalanchoe genus. Bryophyllum pinnatum is also an accepted name for Leaf of life.

But there are other local names for Leaf of Life. Notice common Leaf of life names:

Tree of Life plantCathedral BellsLive Forever Plant
Miracle LeafAir PlantLove Bush
Life PlantGoethe PlantNever die plant

Each plant has leaves with curved red serrated edges. These Leaves are between 4 and 6 inches long.

Mini plants called Bulbils, grow from the edges of the miracle Leaves of life. These mini plants will eventually become independent plants when they make contact with soil.

Miracle leaf plant blooms are reddish bell shaped flowers with a paper-like outer covering. The flowers are also called Cathedral bells. Leaf of life blooms throughout the year.

tumbler with Jamaican flag

Where to Buy Life of Leaf Plant

You can buy live Leaf of life plants on Etsy and Amazon. Other Miracle leaves products including Leaf of life powder, may be bought from local health store or online marketplaces.

These products are commonly marketed under the names Kalanchoe, Miracle Leaf, or Leaf of life.

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