Hi! I’m Joy Walker and this is our story!

Joy Walker in Jamaica

When I was growing up in Jamaica, our family attended a meeting every Thursday night.

When we returned home at about 9:00 p.m.  We would always make a pot of tea and talk about anything and everything.

That is until my mother ordered us to bed.

As an adult my tea drinking habit didn’t change much even though, the Thursday night gatherings became less frequent.

However the pandemic started and I noticed something.

However the pandemic started and I noticed something.

On Thursday evenings we all get on Zoom from many different locations and time zones-with our cup of tea. 

And we talk about anything just like we did back then. Our  children and their families have even joined in these get togethers. 

However, there is an “emotional cure” that comes from having a cup of bush tea with friends and family.

And that cure is priceless.

And that made me realize something…

And so Jamaica Tea Shop was born.

Jamaican Tea Shop-Our Story

If you’re Jamaican you know that there is a tea to cure every ailment.

Of course there’s generally little scientific data to back up claims.  

However, recent scientific research is supporting claims that Jamaican bush teas do have benefits

 I’m sure you have memories of those “cuppa tea.”

So if you have our island background, we invite you to rekindle the memories with our selection of teas from Jamaica.

And if you’re not we invite you to explore this part of our Jamaican culture.