Hi: My name is Joy

I grew up in Jamaica where there is an abundance and spices. And if you grew up on the island you will know that Jamaicans have a bush tea that alledgedly cures any ailment.

Up until now there has been little basis to believe that they actually work.

Jamaica Tea shop was born from the desire to learn the stories behind Jamaica bush teas.

One of Joy's Jamaican vacations
Joy Walker

About Me

I am a Certified Medical Assistant who recently started blogging as a hobby. I have always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, the pandemic and ensuing health issues made me take a step back to reassess my health goals.

During the COVID lockdown I had fond memories of growing up in Jamaica. On Thursday nights the whole family attended a meeting. 

When we returned home at about 9:00 p.m. we would make a pot of tea and sit around the table and simply sipped tea and talk about anything and everything. That until my mother shooed us to bed.

When COVID started, that tradition seemed to just fall into place. Our Thursday night tea drinking resumes on Zoom. We connected from three different countries and several different locations in those countries.

Our children and their families even joined in.

This brouhgt back memories of the bush teas we drank on those Thursday nights long ago. And so I started doing research on herbs we used to make teas. I was amazed at what I discovered. And so the idea for Jamaica Tea Shop was born.

Jamaica Tea Shop: Our Story

Jamaica Tea shop is an online resource dedicated to Jamaican herbs and how they are used.

You see I was privileged to be raised in a household with a Grandmother who was part European, part African. So at an early age I was exposed to foods and drinks from both cultures. 

But it was the plants that fascinated me. 

To me they were just weeds growing on the property. But my Gan Gan saw them as medicine. They were used to make “bush teas” to treat all manner of ailments. 

There were  bush teas for the common cold, to combat food poisoning, to improve energy, to cure cancer, to detox the body, to clean the skin and more.  You name it, there was Jamaican bush tea for it. 

That’s interesting! Many plants considered as weeds can actually have medicinal properties and have been used in traditional remedies like bush teas.

My research indicates that Gan Gan was on to something.  Recent studies are confirming a variety of potential health benefits of these plants.

My goal is to use the Jamaica Tea Shop as a tool to empower my readers to make informed choices about Jamaican herbs and their uses. I will want to connect them with authentic Jamaican herbs.

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