Drinking Jamaican bush tea is close behind reggae music and sports in Jamaican culture. That’s true although tea drinking is a much older practice.

Hand-Picked Bush Teas

We have hand-picked some of our favorite Jamaican bush teas. You can find your own favorite bush tea here as well.

In addition, we invite you to follow us on our journey as we uncover some bush tea benefits.

Popular Loose Leaf Bush Teas

Make your brewing experience more tasteful. Choose carefully selected organic loose leaf tea.

Jamaica blue vervain tea

Ja. Blue Vervain. Starting at $7.00

Jamaica guaco herb

Dried Guaco Herb. Starting at $9.00

search mi heart tea

Search mi Heart Bush Tea. Starting at $7.00

Guava leaf powder for making tea

Guava Leaf Powder. Starting at $5.00

Dried Morenga  leaf for making tea

Dried Moringa leaves. Starting at $7.00

dried soursop leaves

Jamaican Soursop Leaves. Starting at $7.00


Organic Jamaican Cerasee. Starting at $6.00

Jamaican Hibiscus (Roselle)

Dried Roselle Hibiscus. Starting at $5.00

Bush Tea Powders

Many tea herbs are available in powdered form. This is a convenient way to get the benefits of the different types of bush tea.

Additionally, add these powders to your juices, smoothies and shakes and multiply the benefits of bush tea.

Jamaican Bissy powder

Bissy Powder. $8.00 and up

ground Jamaican Chaney root

Chaney Root $10.00 and up

Leaf of Life Powder

Leaf of Life at $7.00 and up

dried fever grass tea

Fever Grass at $5.00 and up

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