Unique Jamaican Loose Leaf Teas

The herbs used to make quality Jamaican loose leaf teas often grow wild on the island. They are harvested and air-dried. This allows the teas to retain their natural flavors and aromas. We’ve picked a few of them for you.

search mi heart tea
Search mi heart
One of the most popular Jamaican teas is Cerasee tea
Jamaican Cerasee
Jamaican blue Vervain (Vervine)
Jamaica Blue Vervain
soursop leaf tea
Soursop Leaf Tea
one of the most popular caffeine free teas-ginger tea
Dried Ginger slices
guaco bush tea
Guaco Herb Tea
Jamaicanchaney root pieces
Dried Chaney Root
Guinea Hen Weed tea
Guinea Hen Weed
Jamaican sorrel for making hibiscus tea
Jamaica Hibiscus Tea

If you are not a Jamaican native you may know these teas by other names. You can find other common names here.

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Fever Grass Tea

fever grass
Jamaican Fever Frass

It is commonly known as lemongrass, in other places. Fever grass tea is one of the Caribbeans most popular herbal teas.

Fever grass tea is made by boiling the stems and blades of the plant for between 5 and 7 minutes.

Even though one would expect this tisane to have a grassy flavor, the Fever grass tea taste more citrusy.

Fever grass tea is used to relieve, colds, fevers, headaches and indigestion.

Where to Buy Jamaican Teas

These are just a few of the herbal teas that can be found on the Island of Jamaica.

Jamaican loose leaf teas are available online. They can be purchased from local grocery stores, health food stores as well.

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