7 Amazing Health Benefits of Vervine Tea

7 Science-Backed Benefits of Vervine Tea

Scientific studies have confirmed potential medicinal benefits of Vervine bush.  The herb possesses some useful phytochemicals.  And making tea is believed to be the quickest and simplest way to extract these benefits.

The phytochemicals in the herb produce these seven known beneficial effects:

  • Antimicrobial-limits the spread of viruses
  • Antifungal-fights funguses
  • Antibacterial-kills or retards the growth of bacteria
  • Antihypertensive-lowers blood pressure
  • Anti-inflammatory– reduces inflammation
  • Antidiarrheal-relieves diarrhea
  • Anthelmintic-extracts intestinal parasites

Source: Hindawi

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What is Vervine Tea

Vervine tea is made by boiling or steeping parts of the Vervine – Jamaica Blue vervain- herb.

  The leaves and stems of the plant are the sections that are most commonly used. 

Fresh or dried blue vervain leaves and stems can be used to make tea. 

Vervine is commercially available in powdered formula for simple tea making as well.

Vervine aka Jamaican Blue Vervain is scientifically known as Stachytarpheta jamaicensis.

This herb grows in the tropical regions of America and the Caribbean.

It is also found in the subtropical forests of Africa and Asia.

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What Vervine Teas is Used  For

Traditionally, Vervine tea has been used to treat, diarrhea, colds and fevers, sore throats, sinus infections, asthma and bronchitis.

Jamaican blue vervain tea is also traditionally used to increase milk production in women who are breastfeeding.

These uses are confirmed in the PDR-Physician’s Desk Reference for Herbal Medicine.

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How to Make Vervine Tea

  1. Boil the 4 or 5 leaves and stem for 3  to 5 minutes.  2. Steep leaves for 3 minutes. Sweeten (if desired) and serve.

3. If you are using vervine powder simply add one teaspoon of powder to a cup of hot water and stir to dissolve the powder.

Where to Buy Jamaica Blue Vervain

You may purchase wildcrafted Vervine products for making tea from online marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon among other places.

They are generally marketed under the name Jamaican Blue Vervain. And you can buy them in 3 formulations-Loose leaf, Teabags and Powder.


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