Jamaican Herbal Teas: The 5 Most Popular Herbal Teas

Jamaican herbal teas are botanical teas made from spices, roots, seeds leaves, barks, and flowers.

Herbal teas are sometimes referred to as tisanes or infusions. However in Jamaica they are simply called bush teas.

Herbal Tea vs Tea

There is an endless list of herbs that can be used for making Jamaican herbal teas.

These herbal teas are generally thought of as health teas since it is believed that these are teas with benefits.

Then there is the matter of characteristics. Herbal teas are flavored teas. They take on the flavors and aromas of the tea herbs they are made from.

On the other hand traditional tea is made from one plant-Camellia sinensis– otherwise known as the tea plant.

While real tea can be found in different flavors, the difference is often as a result of how tea leaves are processed or what is added to the tea.

The 5 Popular Jamaican Herbal Teas

There are countless herbs for tea that grow on the island. We picked five herbal teas that are most well known.

If you are not a native of you island you may know these teas by other names. In any case they may be used in a similar way.


Fever Grass Tea

It is commonly known as lemongrass, in other places. Jamaican Fever grass tea is one of the island’s most popular herbal teas.

Fever grass tea is made by boiling the stems and blades of the plant for about 10 minutes.

Even though one would expect this tisane to have a grassy flavor, the flavor is more citrus like.

Fever grass tea is used to relieve, colds, fevers, headaches and indigestion.

Jamaican Peppermint Tea

This herb for making tea is a rare plant that grows in only a few locations. It is more of a shrub. Although Jamaican peppermint bush is not a “real” mint, it does have a strong mint flavor.

Jamaican bush mint tea is a staple in most Jamaican households. The leaves and stems can last for a long time when they are dried and stored.

Jamaican Sarsaparilla Root Herbal Tea

Sarsaparilla tea is made from the root of the Smilax ornato plant. The dried roots are cut into small pieces or pulverized and brewed.

Sarsaparilla tea is believed to releive many conditions. Some of these conditions include lethargy and tiredness, low testosterone production, and brain fatigue.

As would be expected this tea has heavy woody flavor. So many times other herbs are combined with sarsaparilla to make this Jamaican herbal tea.


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Quaco Bush Herbal Tea

Quaco bush tea is the name given to tea made from the Mikania mircrantha vine This tea is generally used to treat diarrhea. stomach cramps and other stomach ailments.

Jamaican quaco tea has a bitter taste and an unpleasant grassy flavor. The tea us made by boiling the fresh leave for about five minutes.

Mikania mircrantha vine can be found growing just about anywhere in Jamaica so it is easy to make quaco herbal tea.

Jamaican Cerasee Herbal Tea

Cerassee tea is possibly the most popular of all Jamaican teas. Why is Cerasee tea so popular?

It is believed that this is a health tea with many benefits. These benefits include a number of vitamins and minerals.

What Is Cerasee Tea? Cerasee tea is a herbal tea made from the Momordica charantia vine. The tea is made from the vine’s leaves and stems.

Cerasee tea can be made from fresh or dried Cerasee.

This a bitter tasting tea that is usually sweetened with sugar or honey to make it more palatable.


These are just a few of the herbal teas and infusions that can be found on the Island.

Generally all Jamaican l teas come in three formulations. There are easy to steep tea bags and powered formulas for the beginner.

And many of these teas are available commercially. The can be purchased from local health stores and online market places.

Jamaican herbal teas are normally caffeine free tea. However, they come in have variety of flavors. Some teas are pure and clean. Others are heavy, bitter, grassy or even floral flavored.

Then there are loose leaf and roots teas for anyone serious about their infusions.

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